Roy Strutt Photography | Portraits

Libby WhitelockLucy and Jemma - Danbury 2012Pippa Randall WalberswickOswald and Kane PortraitsCharley Phelps - WinterDanielle, Vicky and Mimi - Flowers in hairEmmie Madeleine and OscarSarah the Singer - portraitsCharlotte at EORArrin CrainAlice and Zara at P & A WoodEmma Bosworth 2013Penny Newman in ParisStacey ClarkCharlotte Sawkins portraitsMichelle Earls at Epping Ongar RailwayAndrea EtchesSophie Sutton portraitsStacey McCarthyCharlotte ScottGabriellaAnne Donoghue portraitsDanielle, Conor and Victoria portraitsRuth Watson profile images 2015Danielle Victoria and Conor - Hall Farm shootSarah Peterson at ZincHOSPA Haslemere - staff profilesDanielle Charlotte Vicky and Conor canvasHannah Richings May 2016Stacy McCarthy May 2016Adam Amore May 2016Adam Amor  May 2016Adrienn JeneyDanielle - A6300 vs A7Scarlett ArcherSue Read portraits 2016Gabriella Oldham 2016Wendy LackenbyMiia passportMegan Platt portraits 2017Yvette Tinworth PortraitsLucy Watts portraitsJodie Abrey portraits Oct 2017Rebecca Brooker profile